Public Service Announcement – Buying Bitcoin

1) What Is Bitcoin

A global payment network and a new kind of money.

2) No Really, What Is It?

Bitcoin represents a vote for a new financial system and protocol for data transfer that is decentralized, distributed, trustless, and permissionless. This is an inclusive architecture that levels the playing field globally.

3) But Traditional Technology?

Better, faster, cheaper – BlockChain Technology Amazoned traditional technology

4) How Can I Understand This?

Be a dedicated lifetime learner. This is a new tool and you will not make good decisions without proper education.

5) Should I Buy Bitcoin?

Can you explain what a fork is and when the next one is scheduled? If the answer is no, you need to learn more before buying.

6) Should I Mortgage My House? How Much To Buy?

#LunchMoney that is what you invest, on a weekly or monthly basis, nothing more. Average in over several years so you can sleep and enjoy this beautiful world!

7) Ignore At Your Own Peril.


Demonstration of how to buy bitcoin at my Bitcoin ATM Kiosk.
Grand Forks, North Dakota
4200 James Ray Dr
Appointment form:
@DOSHostNet – is excited to share that our Project SkyHook Bitcoin ATM Kiosk is open for business in Grand Forks, North Dakota! Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm ~ by appointment. Please fill out the form below or call 701.203.2002 to request an appointment. Appointments are required and drop-in customers will be asked to visit this website form or call 701.203.2002 to request an appointment.

Bitcoin ATM Kiosk Location: – Daniel Schott
4200 James Ray Dr
Grand Forks, ND 58202


Important information for customers:

  • The purpose of this Bitcoin ATM Kiosk is educational and we hope to provide a safe learning environment for those interested in Bitcoin.
  • Customers that are approved for an appointment will be required to provide; government issued ID, address information, and a phone number.
  • Customers will be required to sign a waiver that they do not intend to use the bitcoin for unlawful activity.
  • Customers should have a Bitcoin wallet on their phone or a paper wallet. In the future we will have  offline Crypto Cards available for purchase.
  • Please provide several Dates and Times in the following form so that we can best service your request to purchase bitcoin.
  • Max transaction amount is US $100
  • The cost for bitcoin is Bitstamp quote + 1%

Crowdfunding link for the two-way digital currency kiosk (Bitcoin ATM | BTM) is a technology consulting company in Grand Forks, North Dakota. provides technology consulting for small and large organizations including nonprofits. The State of North Dakota is a leader in supporting innovative high tech organizations. The CEO of has approval to move forward with a BTM within the State of North Dakota. The BTM will follow all federal AML/KYC requirements. The location of the BTM is still in negotiations.

This first of its kind merchant integrated bitcoin loan will fund the purchase of one BTM from The loan is at 80% funding as of July 20th and there has been strong support from North Dakotans. Detailed explanation of the merchant integrated loan can be found here: ~ Coming Soon!

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