Public Service Announcement – Buying Bitcoin

1) What Is Bitcoin

A global payment network and a new kind of money.

2) No Really, What Is It?

Bitcoin represents a vote for a new financial system and protocol for data transfer that is decentralized, distributed, trustless, and permissionless. This is an inclusive architecture that levels the playing field globally.

3) But Traditional Technology?

Better, faster, cheaper – BlockChain Technology Amazoned traditional technology

4) How Can I Understand This?

Be a dedicated lifetime learner. This is a new tool and you will not make good decisions without proper education.

5) Should I Buy Bitcoin?

Can you explain what a fork is and when the next one is scheduled? If the answer is no, you need to learn more before buying.

6) Should I Mortgage My House? How Much To Buy?

#LunchMoney that is what you invest, on a weekly or monthly basis, nothing more. Average in over several years so you can sleep and enjoy this beautiful world!

7) Ignore At Your Own Peril.




  • Personal Home Page Hosting
  • Resume and CV Hosting
  • Business Hosting With e-Commerce
  • NonProft .org Hosting
  • All hosting will utilize a content Managment System with several themes and plugins for a Quick And Professional Setup!


  • SEO consulting and optimization for your new website ~ I travel for onsite visits.
  • Website Consulting For Configuration And Maintenance
  • Custom WordPress Plugin Programming
  • WorPress/CMS Training
  • Web And Desktop Microsoft Dot Net Programming. &
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions
    • SQL 2012 SSIS Package Programming
    • SQL 2012 OLAP Cube Programming
    • SQL 2012 Database Administration
    • SQL 2012 Reporting Services
    • Crystal Report Development
    • Excel 2010 Report Development
    • BO Webi Development
    • BO Universe Development
    • Epic Cogito Clarity Reporting PB HB ADT Cadence HIM ( five years experience)
    • Epic Cogito Clarity SQL Server Performance Consulting
    • Epic Cogito Clarity Project Management

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