NDWeb3 June Meetup Wed3pm

Hello Everyone,
You may not have had a chance to join the NDWeb3 kickoff meetup today at 3pm but we still wanted to let you know about our meetup and send a summary!

Why NDWeb3? What happened to North Dakota BlockChain Group?

The ND BlockChain group had a narrow focus, experienced crypto winters,  and we got bored(But we did get linkedIn badges!). NDWeb3 is a broader context of content including; blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI, Big Data, new web UIs, IOT – home automation .. blah blah blah. Will be tons more fun.

Objectives of the Professional Network:
-Education on Topics (Mcfadden)
-Ongoing Hackathon 
-Demonstration of projects
-Networking (Collin)
-Technical Community (Collin)

Future communication on the meetup:
-New chat bot
-LinkedIn Group URL ~ https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8806074/

-Domain Purchased
-Moving content to new domain
-Ben H is lead volunteer

Webblen improvements
-Social Media share button on events
-Push notification on event reminders
-We like the ads, when we click they go away. bring us our ads back, we want webblens.

-available via SMS texting or FB messenger
-Built on Google AI & trilio & slack
-Maybe Alexa in the future or Ok Google
-Ben G is lead volunteer

When do we want to meet?
-In Webblen anyone can start a meeting event for NDWeb3 that is in the community.
-For Sure Wed at 3pm is a good idea! NDWeb3 at Wed3


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