Bitcoin for Beginners: Purchase, Protect, Mine, and Trade

  • Bitcoin is officially considered an asset by the Internal Revenue Service but it is not considered a true currency. Bitcoin can be used as a payment method and is often referred to as digital money, virtual currency, and crypto currency. Bitcoin is also the transaction network by which you send and receive this digital asset. Acquiring bitcoin, using bitcoin to purchase items, and trading is 100% legal and you can even expect a tax bill on your capital gains. I have spent considerable time researching how to acquire bitcoin, protect my bitcoin, mine bitcoin, and trade. I am writing this article to share what I have found to be reliable and trustworthy vendors and websites engaged in bitcoin.
  • Security and documentation are important and while not exciting, it is where you should begin your bitcoin investing strategy.
    • Install a two factor authentication (Android | Apple | Windows) and turn on two factor authentication for all of the accounts that provide it. This includes email, bank, google drive, one drive, and blogs.
    • Consider a safe place that you can write down and/or print paper wallets to help protect and diversify storage of your bitcoins. (Think home safe or bank safe deposit box)
    • Many internet users do not consider the danger of accessing confidential / financial websites on public computers, work computers, public wifi, or a friends cell phone. As you enter into the high risk / high ROI opportunities of the digital asset bitcoin some rules should be considered. Make certain that you access your accounts over secured wifi and trusted wifi networks. Your personal laptop, PC, tablet, and smart phone should be the only devices used for bitcoin transactions.
  • There are many websites providing services to buy, sell, and transfer bitcoins. Global events in China and Tokyo have increased the risk that a retail customer, investor, and merchant must consider when selecting a bitcoin website.,, and stand out as professional and reliable full service bitcoin websites. Retail consumers, Nonprofits, and Merchants can all benefit from the full line of services available at these websites. This is evident in my personal experience, my hosting companies merchant account, and in the extensive online research that my team continuously reviews.
    • Buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, bnb, alts here:
    • Accept Bitcoin Payments or Gifts here:
    • Watch your bitcoin transactions here: (All bitcoin transactions are saved to a global transaction log called the blockchain. This is public information and available if you have the ID in question)
    • Import/sweep paper or offline wallet bitcoins into an online wallet here:
    • Contact me directly if you are within the U.S., prefer a paper wallet or hardware wallet, and want to skip the online accounts: Bitcoin @ doshost . net
  • Use to create paper wallets, offline wallets, and to diversify the bitcoin wallets you have so they are not stored in one place.
  • Finally the advanced opportunity to utilize a decentralized exchange (DEX) along with the financial self custody enabled by a secure mobile wallet.

*Updated 5.15.2019

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