Quick Links to Get Bitcoin | Retail Customer and Merchants

Quick Links to Get Bitcoin | Retail Customers and Merchants

  • Install a two factor security phone app (Android | Apple | Windows) and consider turning on two factor authentication for your Gmail, Hotmail, Apple email. Coinbase.com requires two factor enhanced security.
  • Retail Customers ~ Buy/Sell/Safely Store bitcoins here:  www.Coinbase.com
  • Merchants (online stores, local boutiques, even hospitals ) ~ Review who uses merchant accounts and why they use merchant accounts with Coinbase.com here: Coinbase.com/Clients
  • After reading up merchants can ~ Receive Payment/Send Payment for bitcoins here:  www.Coinbase.com
    • Coinbase allows merchants to receive a bitcoin payment, convert to US dollars,  and then send that directly to their bank account. This minimizes the risk of bitcoins change in value to the US dollar.
    • Coinbase has released a merchant payment app in the Google and Apple appstores. Your employees can receive payments but do not have access to withdraw from your Coinbase account.

Additional and more detailed info for bitcoin beginners: Link

Don’t forget to sign up for Noth Dakota’s first bitcoin users group!



Grand Forks Bitcoin Users Meetup Link

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